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Tutoring Testimonials

Klarissa has been instrumental in helping our two sons (one in highschool & one in elementary school) in all subjects.  She quickly assessed their needs and found creative ways to help them learn.  She also helped our oldest son develop much needed study skills which he now uses on his own.  Our family could not have made it through the online learning without Klarissa.  We are very grateful to have Klarissa in our lives, we respect her judgement and value her expertise.

The Miller Family (Gr. 8, 9, 10)

Hi Klarissa

I asked Michael about how he felt about you coming to our house to tutor and he said that it has been a positive experience. He said he likes your positive comments and encouragement. I know he was proud of himself when he did really well on his algebra math test thanks to you helping him practice and understand the concepts. Michael was also proud of himself when you and him worked on organizing his notes into subjects. He was eager to show his new, well-organized binder to his granny the next time he saw her!

Thank you Klarissa for helping Michael work on individualized goals so he can gain self-confidence and reach his full potential.




Deborah and Michael (Gr. 7)

Myself and my daughter have had nothing but a positive experience since starting tutoring with Klarissa. My daughter has had much more confidence and is learning new ways to problem solve in her difficult area's. Klarissa has come up with fun and imaginative ways to learn even the most challenging subjects my daughter has struggled with. My daughter always has a smile on her face when she's done her tutor session. Thanks for your service


Sabrina and Kokia (Gr. 5)

Due to Klarissa’s tutoring my mark in English has increased from a C to a B in a matter of weeks. She explains concepts and terminology to the extent of no other tutor I’ve had. My whole view on English class has changed due to her tutoring and I enjoy it more because I can understand it. 

                                                                                                                     -Alex P (Gr. 10)

Please share any contact information that you may have for tutors. Commercial tutoring services are beyond what some of my families can afford.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



In response to the above email:



I was in the same boat until I met up with Klarissa Fear-Firman. She has her own tutoring business, is quite affordable & fantastic at it! I've cc'd her on this email so you can contact her or visa versa if you like.  

Patricia and Baxter (Gr. 3 French Immersion)

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