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About Fearless Tutoring

Fearless Tutoring's methods are founded on empowering the self-esteem and unique talents of each individual student. 


For those struggling with one or more aspects of education, a classroom can feel like an obstacle course clouded by stress and anxiety. Our ultimate goal is to help young people step confidently into school and recognize opportunities for growth, knowledge, and mutual respect in the classroom instead.


Fearless Tutoring's tutors carefully listen to students in a way that teachers dealing with full classrooms may not have time for. What is a young person passionate about? What makes her feel brave? How best does he learn? The answers to these questions provide just some of the guidance we use to help each child move toward a more comfortable and rewarding experience in school. 


Fearless Tutoring works with a deep understanding that brilliance and learning difficulties are not mutually exclusive - our job is to nurture that brilliance so that it outshines the fear. 


Our Fearless vision is to reach as many people in the community

as possible.

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