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With over fifteen years of teaching experience,  Klarissa has
the advantage of a close familiarity with curriculum and classroom expectations. Now that she has devoted herself
to the increasing demand for tutoring, she continues to find exciting, involved ways to engage students based
on their unique learning needs. 



  • Certified Teacher holding a B.ED. From Windsor University.

  • Professional development in working with students with different abilities and backgrounds.

  • Very capable French teacher, having studied at College Boreal and UWO.


  About Klarissa

     Klarissa is a well-rounded person, which makes it easy for her and her students to relate to one other. Klarissa has been called a "Jackie" of all trades for most of her adult life. With her background in the theatre, she learned about acting, directing, set construction and design, and lighting and costume design - all the while working in banking, quality control, and nannying to pay her way through school. From there she went on to teach elementary school, and became the office manager and managing director of the family business.

     She learned mechanics from her father, who used to let her help him fix his rally car when she was a child. She learned how to draw, knit and do needle work from her mother, how to sew from her grandmother, and adopted a love of reading from her grandfather. Klarissa's family is a family of teachers – both trained teachers and natural born teachers. Her mother, aunt, and grandfather have always been active in their community, thus instilling this desire and appreciation of others in Klarissa.

     Klarissa has great compassion and enthusiasm and is dedicated to making a difference, one student at a time. She will work with anyone who wants to learn, and finds unique ways to inspire those may have become jaded by the experience (or who have come to associate learning with discouragement). As a retired classroom teacher, Klarissa works closely with both the family and the school to help your child learn in the ways best for them, and gives them the tools they need to self-advocate in the classroom. She also understands how challenging parent-teacher conferences can be and she is happy to advocate for you during what can be a stressful meeting.

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