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Tutoring Services 

One-to-one tutoring: $38/hr 

     Fearless Tutoring takes extra care to match students with the tutor that will best serve their needs. We hire our tutors for their specialized knowledge of subjects, but we also place great importance in hiring people who are meaningfully committed to helping others. We want students to thrive in their education, with all its intellectual, social, and personal possibilities.

     At the same time that your child will develop new skills necessary for their academic work, they will also learn how to self-advocate in the classroom: this means feeling comfortable asking for help, and expressing their needs calmly and effectively. 

Tutoring available for elementary and high school in
Math                                  Grammar                    FSL                        Study Skills
Science                              Reading                       ESL                        Test-taking
Social Science                  Writing                                                        Time Management

ESL tutoring is also available for adults
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